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About Flame of Neltharion
Welcome to Flame of Neltharion

Drama free 20m, stable progress and raiding. We have an awesome social atmosphere, everyone is friendly and mature. Active raid spots, we recruit to have you playing, not sitting on a bench. If you wish to play WoW to have fun, laugh (a lot), be yourself, and relax, while killing bosses and progress through Mythic modes, Flame of Neltharion is the place for you ! We want the game to be fun, both when raiding and when not raiding, thus we have an active guild with a lot of nice and friendly players in it.
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PvP orientation! Blood shall be spilled!

by Cloudjumper, 930 days ago

After many years of raiding FoN will now move towards PvP content/general achievements instead. We have for several years engaged in PvP content, now just with the absence of raiding. 

We offer an six year old stable guild for those interested in a drama free atmosphere, adult friendly co-players and achievements.  We offer groups for arena, RBGs, questing, achievements, and other WoW-social/casual activities. 

We have a large playerbase (people online mornings and evenings) and the guild is active, so whether if you are young or old, new or battle-hardened you are more than welcome to join our ranks! :)

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FoN back on track!

by rayls, 948 days ago


Blackhand HC kill video







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Mythic progress has begun!

by Cloudjumper, 1006 days ago

So with New Year, Christmas and exams being largely over we are returning to normal raiding schedule, and we celebrated that by getting our 1st mythic kill WITHOUT ANYONE DYING!!

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Heroic here we come! NORMAL CLEAR

by Cloudjumper, 1048 days ago

We got Tectus-HC 20% last mote before enrage^^ Will get him next reset!. Our fire balling, arcane surging, frost spitting mage got a vid of the Bladefist kill tho ;) 21 in raid. Also a vid of Imperator kill =) 

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FarmMaul progress! Ko'ragh NO DEATHS 1337 =)

by Cloudjumper, 1050 days ago

We had a good start! Here is our kickin' flippin' rockin' mistweavin' Aiame's video of us taking down Ko'ragh with no deaths! 

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End of MoP, and the beginning of Mythic!

by Cloudjumper, 1093 days ago

So after our server completely and utterly died, we finally got merged with the other RP-PvP servers which gave us a mid/high population. However, this did not happen soon enough prior to patch 6.0.2 for us to recruit and gear trials up in time to kill Garrosh on HC before Mythic. It is a pity that Blizzard did'nt attend the population issues a lot sooner! But on the bright side we killed him on Mythic full guild run first reset after patch! 

Klaxxi Heroic 5.4 with mumble on. 

Thok HC 5.4 

Spoils HC 5.4 1st kill


Here are some pictures I never got around to upload after they were taken, so pretty old but deserves a post here all the same!: 

1st Immerseus HC kill

Lei Shen HC

Sha of Fear

Pandaria Raiders

Now I have some more HC kill videos! 5.4


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Some heroic kill videos!

by Cloudjumper, 1147 days ago

Now that I finally got a new PC I started recording kill videos! I only got Windows Movie Maker for editing, so bear with me <3 

Also Icediamond wanted to be a part of the fun!

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Normal cleared

by Cloudjumper, 1368 days ago

So after only 3-4 hours of progressing Garrosh died. We made an awesome screenshot showing our awesome team, where all but Icediamond displayed their shiny new title. However, Icy made a nice video on the other hand. =)

Heroic kill shots will follow.

Garrosh kill

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Back on track

by Cloudjumper, 1424 days ago

Aight we are back on track and raiding again after break =) Pwned the first 6 bosses with shamans on 10% (2nd try woot).
Still recruiting a few more players =) Credits to Icediamond( ) on video!

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New website =)

by Cloudjumper, 1429 days ago

Hi everyone! So i went through the archives and found a few old memories from FoN history, for our new website =)

Kicking RR ass ;)

40m AV premades

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